Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have You Checked Out The New Atlantic Beach Blog?

I read about in the Beaches Leader a few weeks ago and, like a lot of interesting items I read, I intended to check it out. Also like a lot of my intentions, it took me several weeks to get to it...but I'm really glad I did!

Lindsay, Jonathan, Erin and Mo have done a great job in getting a conversation going about the issues facing the western area of Atlantic Beach!

I love Atlantic Beach, and I'm proud of its residents, government, public servants, and sense of community. I believe Atlantic Beach is one of the few areas left where a true sense of community spirit still exists.

In many ways I think of Atlantic Beach as a secret treasure, and I consider myself fortunate to have lived here for over 15 years. Here's why:

  • Miles of non-commercial oceanfront- thank you city fathers past and present!
  • Superb parks and community events - thank you Timmy Johnson!
  • Involved citizens - too many to thank individually!
  • Eclectic home styles - thank you homeowners, architects and builders!
  • Many wonderful shopping/dining options within walking distance to many residents - thank you merchants!
Atlantic Beach is a close-to-idyllic place to live. All the active and neighborly residents, city commissioners, city employees, and business owners contribute to this precious pearl we call home.

I am well aware of the areas that need improvement, in some cases significant improvement, for Atlantic Beach to become the best it can be. Those areas are being addressed in a very effective way by the authors of, and commenters on, Mayport Corridor -What's Happening. Kudos to Lindsay, Jonathan, Mo and Erin for getting the ball rolling, and to the city for approaching the areas needing improvement head-on! Brickbats (as Folio Weekly would say) to the parties who diminish the desirability of Atlantic Beach! Drug dealers, owners of substandard properties, criminals, listen up! The proud people of Atlantic Beach are banding together to reclaim their jewel!

I look forward to good things ahead, and I want to be one of the people taking the steps that will get us there!