Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Glad Atlantic Beach Has Photographers More Faithful Than I Am!

I hope I'm holding my own on the good works needed to get to heaven, because I sure am paving a road to somewhere else with a lot of good intentions!

I didn't get out and about in Atlantic Beach during Tropical Storm Fay and take photographs like I intended to, so I'm really glad some others did!

From what I've seen and heard, aside from some power outages, Fay didn't cause anyone too much trouble in Atlantic Beach.

I don't know nana_cindy42 on flickr, but she posted a short video from her home in Atlantic Beach, as well as some great stills from other spots around the beach showing Fay's powerful wind and rain.

I don't know nickytheblade on flickr either, but she posted a couple of early shots of Fay taken on August 20 (Tuesday) at 12:30pm from 1st Street in Atlantic Beach - one directly over the water and one that included people on the beach.

On youtube I found some more Atlantic Beach neighbors I don't know, stonewareporcelain and wadefallin, who both posted short videos of Fay in Atlantic Beach, and you'll see they were actually in the same location (but took different footage). What are the odds of two different people shooting the effects of Fay in Atlantic Beach from the same spot?! Pretty amazing!

I am impressed and inspired by these amateur photojournalist neighbors! Hopefully the next time I'll start getting out there more with my camera!

Not that I want a next time..

You hear that, Gustav? Don't bother getting yourself "organized" into a tropical storm or hurricane!

Just stay away!