Friday, April 25, 2008

If You Don't Really NEED To Sell Your Home...

...then please take it off the market! This isn't the time to "test the waters."

And if you really need to sell your home, price it right.

The simple economics of supply and demand translates into trouble for everyone trying to sell right now. If you have listed your home at an even-slightly-higher-than-market price right now, and don't really need to sell, you'll be helping everyone, including yourself. The fewer homes on the market, the higher the prices will be.

I make a living selling homes. I haven't sold many lately. Buyers are wary...there are too many homes to choose from and they can't make a decision...they aren't sure prices are at (or even close to) the bottom yet.

The trickle down effect is huge...local businesses suffer when so many professionals have to cut their discretionary spending.

In addition to REALTORS, there are many other professionals who earn a living only when homes sell: real estate attorneys, title companies,mortgage lenders, surveyors, appraisers, home inspectors, etc. All of us have had a significant decrease in income for the last 18 months. That hurts all the wonderful businesses in Atlantic Beach, from restaurants to shops and hairdressers to physicians.

Do your part for the local economy...if you can, take your home off the market!


Brad Nix said...

It's good to hear Realtors saying the truth. Nobody should sell their home in this market unless they HAVE to. Buyers are in control and prices will be suppressed until inventory is in balance. It's really simple Supply and Demand. Kudos for telling it it like it is!

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