Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Hard to Believe the Number of Local Properties in Pre-Foreclosure

I have recently participated in a lot of classes about ways to help families who are facing foreclosure. One way is for people, who don't want to move, keep their home. The other option is a short sale, which helps those who know they can no longer afford their home but owe more than it's worth in the current market.

I decided to takea look at the lis pendens filed in Duval County from April 1 through unbelievable 392!! That's hard to accept!

I can probably help some of these folks.

People who know me know I like to help people...a little too much, sometimes! (Just ask Father Kelly at St. Paul's - he'll tell you about the "knights of the road" I got a little overly involved with over the years I worked at the Church!)

I haven't looked at them closely to see how many are at the beach. I want to stay close to home, I've lived in Atlantic Beach for 15 years (and five years in Ponte Vedra if that counts as living at the and I know beaches real estate in better than I know the rest of the greater Jacksonville area. Having moved here before the price of real estate at the beach exploded, while Jacksonville Beach was still a "blighted" area, I remember the small town feel the beaches had (and still does to a great extent). I know many beaches residents simply from working in the St. Paul's Catholic Church office for 10 years. I want to help these people!

If you, or someone you know, is facing foreclosure, ask them to call me at 591-8520. If they find it too embarrassing, or they're paralyzed by feeling overwhelmed, you can call me. Tell me a little bit about their situation and I'll let you know if I think I can help them. No questions asked. Just give me the facts as you know them - the most important being the estimated value of their home (use for starters - not always accurate, but at least close) and the balance on their mortgage(s).

Sometimes people experience a financial setback (job less, illness, etc.) and are back on their feet, but can't pay the full amount due to the lender (who won't accept a partial payment). I may be able to negotiate a successful "loss mitigation" that would allow them to stay in their home.

If staying in the home just isn't possible, I can also help with what's known as a "short sale," where I negotiate with the lender to accept a payoff that's less than the full loan balance. The seller doesn't get any cash from the sale of their home, but hopefully keeps a foreclosure off their credit record making it easier to buy again in the future.

Please, let me know whoI can help.

And whatever you do, don't get involved with some of the, uhhhh less savory (opportunists) shall we say, who's tactics are not the most ethical. Remember - friends don't let friends deed their home over before closing!!!